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XXL Cocktails at the Manzoni

Jeden Mittwoch ab 18:00 Uhr

Every Wednesday from 6 p.m.: XXL Cocktails with a special price at our Manzoni bar.

How about afterwork with cocktails in XXL size in Zurich? You get them for a special price of CHF 18.50 every Wednesday at the Manzoni Bar on the ground floor of Hotel St. Gotthard at the famous Bahnhofstrasse. Ask our Bar Chef Manuel about new creations or enjoy your favourite cocktail, e.g.:

  • AMERICANO 3cl Campari, 3cl Martini Rosso
  • NEGRONI 3cl gin, 3cl Campari, 3cl Martini Rosso
  • APÉROL SPRIZZ 4 cl Aperol, 1dl prosecco, splash of soda
  • CAIPIRINHA 5cl Cachaca, 1 lime (quartered), brown shugar
  • CIAO RAGAZZI 2cl tequila, 2cl rum, 2cl vodka, 2 cl gin, 2 cl Galliano, orange juice
  • CUBA LIBRE 5cl brown rum, lime, Coca Cola
  • FROZEN DAIQUIRI’S 4cl white rum, 2cl Marraschino, 4cl sugar sirup, 2cl lemon juice
  • FROZEN MARGARITA’S 4cl lime (quartered), brawn sugar, peppermint, soda
  • COSMOPOLITAN 4cl vodka, 2cl Cointreau, 2cl lime juice, 2cl sugar sirup, cranberry juice
  • PIÑA COLADA 5cl white rum, 4cl coconut sirup, 4cl milk, 1.5dl pineapple juice
  • MAI TAI 3cl white rum, 3cl dark rum, 2cl Apricot Brandy, 2cl almond sirup, 2cl lemon juice, pineapple juice

Tel.: +41 44 227 76 29