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Enjoy some days off in Zurich and explore the one-of-a-kind attractions around the Hotel St. Gotthard.  Whether you are planning a short trip, a long weekend or your annual leave in Zurich, the city has lots of sights to discover.

Start your boat tour on Lake Zurich with a 15 minutes walk to the lake or you use one of the several tramways that stops in front of the hotel and gives you the possibility of sightseeing through the "Bahnhofstrasse". Do you want to dive into Zurich's nightlife? Then ask at our front desk for more information and insiders' tips within walking distance of the Hotel St. Gotthard.

Architectural highlights

The "Fraumünster" (="woman's cathedral") was inhabited by European aristocracy-women for a long time and became the property of the city Zurich after the revolution. In addition to the major components "romanischer Chor" or "hochgewölbtes Querschiff", the cathedral contains one-of-a-kind coloured windows made by Augusto Giacometti, Marc Chagal and Paul Bodmer.
Move on to the "Grossmünster" which is, since 2009, decorated with coloured windows by Sigmar Polke. Seven handmade agate stone-windows were artfully compiled with pieces of semi-precious stones. Five figurative windows, showing characters of the Old Testament, are another highlight.

Zurich Film Festival – The art of films

The Zurich Film Festival was inaugurated in October 2005. After a few years it became an important event of the national and international film culture. The mission of the Zurich Film Festival is to provide the public with insights into the art of young, aspiring filmmakers from all over the world.

Zoo Zurich – An exciting experience for the whole family

On 365 days of the year the Zoo Zurich offers a variety of exhibitions, events, animal presentations and exciting tours through different enclosures. The Zoo Zurich guarantees fun for the whole family, sprightly couples or adventurous spirits. Use the tram which stops in front of your hotel and you will reach the zoo in only 20 minutes.

Museums in Zurich

Explore the almost infinite museums in and around Zurich. Please find below some excerpts of the long list of highlights: