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Fresh lobsters, oysters and other seafood

An imposing, red door is waiting for you on the backside of the City Hotel St. Gotthard Zürich. Enter the Lobster and Oyster Bar and you will suddenly immerse in a magical atmosphere with the original decoration and the high-class service. The “celebrity wall” is full of pictures of famous people, politicians and other celebrities.

Gourmet-cuisine with Mediterranean accent

Fresh lobsters, oysters, shellfish and other delicacies are delivered twice a day. Our chef combines top quality gourmet cuisine with a Mediterranean accent. In addition to novel compositions, classic French dishes can also be found on the menu of the Restaurant Hummerbar on Bahnhofstrasse Zürich.

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Hummer- & Austernbar Zürich
Bahnhofstrasse 87 • 8001 Zürich
Phone 044 227 76 21


Monday to Saturday I 12.00 - 23.00 o'clock
Sunday I 17.30 - 23.00 o'clock

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Restaurant Hummerbar Zürich • Bahnhofstrasse 87 • 8001 Zürich Kreis 1

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Restaurant Hummerbar Zurich


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  • The Fine Dining Restaurant Hummerbar near Zurich HB was founded in 1935 by Ernst Manz. The original idea was to bring a place to life in which connoisseurs would indulge. A new ambience had to be created. Of course, the French cuisine as well as the fish cuisine and exquisite wines could not be missing: The Gourmet Restaurant Hummerbar near Zurich railway station was created. The Hummerbar Zürich is one of the best fish restaurants in the city of Zürich.


    This place, which was often compared to a stage, became a symbol of worldwide noblesse. Many big names dined in the romantic Zurich fish restaurant near the railway station and enjoyed an incomparable atmosphere. An anecdote tells that even Prince Aga Khan was told by the then Grande Dame de Bar to take off his headgear in order to be served.

    This anecdote shows how elegant the fish and oyster restaurant in Zurich was at that time and how much respect was shown to the waiters. The Manz family selects their waiters with extreme caution and they often thanked them with over 30 years of loyalty. The Zurich Lobster Bar was also the first restaurant in Switzerland to offer oysters after the Second World War, thus setting a milestone in Switzerland.

  • It is more than 75 years since Ernst Manz founded the Restaurant Hummerbar Zürich in the "Zunftsäli" of the Hotel St. Gotthard Zürich City, thus creating a perfect stage for prominent people such as Placido Domingo, José Carreras, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gunther Sachs.

    The Hummer & Austernbar is one of the best restaurants on Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse and has been awarded the Golden Fish. The fish restaurant in Zurich City is also listed in the Guide Bleu. 

    The lobster bar was opened in 1935 and combines tradition with innovation in the preparation of fish, oysters and seafood of all kinds. The gourmet restaurant with a French accent in Zurich has retained its original decoration to this day. Photos of famous film stars and politicians who have already been guests hang on the walls. The lobster bar offers classic French gourmet and fish cuisine, combined with a Mediterranean accent. 

  • Zurich's restaurant offer is very diverse and offers a wide selection of gourmet and fish restaurants up to absolute scene meetings. Even today, a "gourmet" is understood to be a wine connoisseur.

    The Zurich Lobster & Oyster Bar is also a very well-known fish restaurant in Zurich and offers the finest oyster and seafood dishes as well as fresh and varied fish specialities. Enjoy fine fish such as sole or turbot and try one of our fine wines. As a gourmet restaurant, the Lobster & Oyster Bar naturally also offers special desserts, which are considered a real insider tip in Zurich. Try our famous Crêpes Suzette with Vanilla-Amaretto Glacé.

    The authenticity of the gourmet restaurant can still be felt today, which is why the lobster and oyster bar is definitely one of the special restaurants in Zurich. The entrance to the restaurant is not on Bahnhofstrasse, but on the back of the Hotel St. Gotthard near Zurich HB. Discretion that appeals. Also special at the restaurant is the entrance, which reminds a little of a London private club. The light is dimmed, the lobster basin well equipped. These special restaurants, the real traditional pubs, are not often found anymore. Gourmet restaurants that have grown into institutions over the decades.


The gourmet restaurant Hummerbar Zürich welcomes you in an ideal location in Bahnhofstrasse, district 1 of Zürich City. Zurich railway station is directly opposite the Hummerbar Zurich. Enjoy the finest classic French cuisine, fish dishes, seafood and oysters in the centre of Zurich.


From the old town of Zurich you can easily reach the City Restaurant on foot, past Lindenhof and then along Bahnhofstrasse in the direction of Zurich main station.


From Paradeplatz, the Zurich Gourmet Restaurant is easy to reach by tram in the direction of the main railway station and the Bahnhofstrasse/HB stop. Tram lines 3,6,11 and 13 stop at Paradeplatz and after 2 stops you are at Bahnhofstrasse/HB. The Hummerbar Zürich is located directly behind the 4-star City Hotel St. Gotthard.

Learn more about lobster, oysters and seafood
  • Eating oysters is very healthy, because oysters contain all important nutrients, vitamins (A, B1 and B2) and minerals such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, iodide and phosphorus. Louis XIV already consumed oysters in huge quantities. Even then, the aphrodisiac effect of oysters was recognized.


    Even today, oysters still have a firm place in gastronomy and the imagination is less limited in the preparation of oysters than one might think. Oysters were also a culinary treasure in the Roman Empire. Today, however, the enjoyment of oysters is no longer reserved for the "rich and beautiful". Also for "normal mortals" it is affordable to eat oysters. The oyster cultivation worldwide is to be owed above all to the so-called "oyster farmers". The market was supplied with many oysters by the painstakingly maintained cultivation parks. The best oysters can only be cultivated successfully where environmental pollution is almost non-existent. For this reason, oyster farmers fight at the forefront for the purity of coastal waters.


    There are two different groups in which oysters are classified: Culinary oysters and pearl oysters. Actually, all oysters can produce pearls, but culinary oysters usually only produce very modest specimens. Despite the rarity of these specimens, they are practically worthless. The formation of pearls is again the speciality of the related pearl oysters.


    Lobsters (Homaridae) are crayfish. They belong to the long-tailed crayfish (Astacura) and thus to the crustaceans. Lobsters are considered a very tasty delicacy. Lobsters can be found in coastal, cool, flat regions. They prefer rocky terrain. Lobsters can adapt their colour to the subsoil and thus the colour from blue to green blue to black violet. The scissors of the lobster are the most conspicuous characteristic. They are used for defence or to crush food. Lobsters can grow up to 70 centimetres long. However, most animals are only about 30 centimeters long and weigh up to one kilogram. A lobster can also live up to 50 years. They feed on mussels, fish or carrion. Their habitats include the American east coast, the Mediterranean Sea, and the North and Baltic Seas.


    A lot of people get scared when they're served a shellfish like that. But with the right technique and a little practice it is very easy to get the delicate lobster meat. If you are lucky and the lobster has already been triggered, you can of course eat it very well with normal cutlery. 


    If you eat lobster, it is best to protect yourself from splashes with a napkin. There are special lobster napkins for this purpose. The tools include lobster tongs and a lobster fork. You should also have a waste plate and a finger bowl.


    The best thing is to eat lobster with pliers and fork. Take the lobster in your left hand. Turn the tail off with your right hand. The tasty meat is in the legs, the scissors and the tail. Use the lobster tongs to crack the scissors and the lobster fork to pull out the meat. The fork has a spoon-like handle, so you can scrape the meat out of its shell. You can also turn off the grippers and remove the meat with the fork. Break off the legs of the lobster at the joints. You can do this with your fingers. You cannot eat the lobster tail out of your hand. To do this, use a classic knife and fork..

    In the fish restaurant Hummerbar Zürich, the lobster is "naked", already released from the shell and served with ordinary cutlery.

  • France is widely regarded as having Europe’s most influential national cuisine and among the world’s most discerning gourmets. France’s influence is most evident at the higher levels of sophistication which have become known as “Haute Cuisine”, characterized by meticulous preparation and careful presentation of food accompanied by fine wines. Historically, it required a veritable army of staff to run a large gourmet restaurant.

    The Lobster and Oyster Restaurant at the St. Gotthard Hotel Zurich City Centre is a true gourmet restaurant in the heart of Zürich. While we take our primary inspiration from the traditions of French cuisine, our chef Filipe Alloin also embraces innovation. Gourmets visiting Zürich can prepare to be pleasantly surprised. Our offerings also often reflect the diversity of Zürich and broader Swiss regional cuisines.